Tirupati balaji images and wallpaper

In this kaliyuga where instant things only matter, getting the divine blessings of God is extremely importsnat. Lord Balaji who is the incarnation of Vishnu knows the plight of his devotees and he has incarnated in the form of kaliyuga vardhan finding the solutions to problems of his people. According to a popular myth, Lord came to the Tirupathi hills in search of his beloved goddess Mahalaxmi. During the kaliyuga, a yagna was performed among the saints and it was left to saint Brighu to give away the fruits of yagna to the trimurthis. He went in search of lord Shiva and Brahma both of whom did not notice him. Then he came to Lord Vishnu who also showed as if he didnít t notice the saint. Brighu got angry at this insult and kicked Vishnu. The lord being a patient one slowly massaged the sageís leg which contained one extra eye. Seeing this act, mahalaxmi got angry with Vishnu and left for the earth to give meditation. Vishnu comes to the Tirupathi hills in search of his wife. Balaji is known as giver of wealth. So get Tirupathi balaji images and wallpapers for wealth and prosperity

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Lord Venkatesa is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is seen as the god of wealth. Get Venkateswara images and wall paper to attract wealth and happiness to your homes.

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vishwakarma god

Vishwakarma god

Lord Vinayaka is the remover of all obstacles in life. So get beautiful and charismatic Vinayaka god images and wall paper and remove all the obstacles in your life. The wall papers can bring prosperity to all paths of your life.

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wallpaper of god

Wallpaper of god

Worshipping deities is an important part of Hinduism , the main religion of India. Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha and Devi are the main gods worshipped In Hinduism. Use Wall paper of God and wall paper to make your life a meaningful one.

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