Swaminarayan images and wallpaper

In Hinduism, people worship several deities and saints also. Swami Narayan is the main sage of the cult known as Swami Narayan faith . it is a part of vaishanavism. Swami Narayan is also known as Sahajanand Swami. The saint was born in the year 1781 in Uttar Pradesh.He strated a seven year pilgrimage in India. After his guruís death he started teaching devotees Swami Narayan mantra. After wards he was seen as incarnation of Lord Vishnu by his devotees. Swami Narayan wall papers and images are available in several captivating designs. Add a touch of spiritualism with Swami narayan wall papers and images

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Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno devi is the popular goddess who is also known as Mata ji and is an incarnation of Mahalaxmi. The temple related to Vaishno devi is situated in Jammu and Kashmir and is visited by millions of people across the globe. Vaishno devi is associated wealth, happiness and peace. Get Vaishno devi images and wall papers to invoke her blessings

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Are you a follower of Lord Vittal? If you are you would surely like to have Lord Vittal wall paper on your computer screen. Having beautiful Vittal images can make your day prosperous and happy. Use Vittal images and wall paper for prosperity and happiness.

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