Surya dev images and wallpaper

Surya dev is the main god of the zodiac system. He symbolizes the sun, the god of light and life. He is also seen as a divine aspect of Lord Shiva and Vishnu and therefore regarded as Surya Narayan. He is also the god of wisdom. He can cure people with his light especially people who are suffering from deficiency of Vitamins. According to legends he is happy with just a namaskar or folding hands as respect to him. Ancient practices show devotes offering water to him. Surya Dev wall papers and images are available in different forms and resolutions. Some show him in his chariot driven by seven horses and his charioteer aruna moving west word. Download surya dev images and wall paper and make your life a blessed one with the giver of wealth and light.

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Lord viswakarma is worshipped as the lord of architecture and engineering. In India, a special day is celebrated as Vishwakarma jayanthi, where people from diversified fields of Industries pay respect to him by performing special pooja to respect him. Get special Vishwakarma images and wall papers to make your business a huge success.

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