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In the hindu culture, Lord Siva is seen as the destroyer of all egos and the god who gives us freedom from worldly attachments. Siva is seen residing on Mount Kailash with his wife Goddess parvathi . He is escorted by his disciples bhoota ganas and his vehicle Nandi , the bull. He is also known as Nataraja , the deity of dance forms. In his dance he destroys the demon of ignorance releasing his devotees from worldly attachments. Get beautiful and peaceful Siva god images and wall paper and bring the peace to your life

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tirupati balaji

Tirupati balaji

Tirupathi Balaji is the ruling deity of Tirupathi temple in Andhrapradesh , South India.The god is the incarnation of Vishnu and is popularly known as Balaji. Every day about 30, 000 devotees throng to the holyshrine to get the blessings of god Venkateswara. Download beautiful Tirupathi balaji images and wallpapers for getting his divine blessings into your life

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Lord Venkatesa is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is seen as the god of wealth. Get Venkateswara images and wall paper to attract wealth and happiness to your homes.

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