Satyanarayana wallpaper

Lord satyanarayan is the main deity at Annavaram , Godavari at Andhraparadesh. After Tirupathi , this shrine is famous among Devotees who worship Lord Vishnu. According to a legend, Narad muni , who travelled across the three worlds saw the sufferings of human beings and was sad at the fact. He went back to Lord Vishnu and asked him about a way to come out of the sufferings. The god replied that those performing Satyanarayan vrat can come out of all earthly sorrows and attain heaven. Attain peace and freedom from sorrow of earthly life with beautiful Satyanaryan wall paper. The deity is worshipped in Annavaram, in Andhrapradesh. But Indians all over the world perform Satyanarayan puja for well being

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surya dev

Surya dev

Every day we begin our day seeing the Sun god or Surya dev. Without his blessings our day cannot become prosperous. Surya dev is the god who gives life and supports life. Get beautiful Surya dev images and wall paper for your mobile, Pcs and tablets and add a touch of life with his blessings

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