Ram sita images and wallpaper

Ram and Sita is an eternal couple well known for their love and sacrifice. Both of them had suffered numerous difficulties in their life and still they kept their mutual love. Even today when newlywed couple are given blessings by elders, they tell let the couple be like ram and sita Jodi. Choose from a wide range of ram and sita images and adorn your screens with the beautiful wall papers. No matter whether you want to try out Ram and sitaji with Lakshman or with hanuman or a particular scene from Vanwas, they are available at your choice. The wall papers are available with different backgrounds and can easily be downloaded .Try out ram sita images and wall paper for a beautiful background for your pc or tablet

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It is a normal ritual among Hindu homes to perform a Satyanarayana pooja during festivals or even functions like moving to a new house. A belief is that lord Satyanarayan will be pleased with devotees who perform the vrat and chant his prayers. Download Satyanarayan wall papers for bringing in prosperity to your homes

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surya dev

Surya dev

Every day we begin our day seeing the Sun god or Surya dev. Without his blessings our day cannot become prosperous. Surya dev is the god who gives life and supports life. Get beautiful Surya dev images and wall paper for your mobile, Pcs and tablets and add a touch of life with his blessings

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