Natraj images and wallpaper

Nataraj is a symbolic figure of Hinduism. It reveals the artistic form of Lord Shiva. It was in the 10 th century , the Nataraj sculpture became popular in South India. tHe sculpture shows Lord with his four hands . On his upper left hand he holds the lamp, while the lower hand points down to a dwarf holding a cobra. The lower hand shows the assertion be without fear. The upper right hand holds a dumru which shows the male and female principle. He is dancing with his left feet raised and right foot on Apsmara Purusha, who is the personification of all ego and illusion. Get beautiful Nataraj images and wall paper for solace and freedom from all ego.

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ram sita

Ram sita

When it comes to eternal love and sacrifice , the name of ram and sita comes to the minds of people. God Shriram has been epitomized as Maryada Pursuhotam while Goddess Sita is personified as symbol of sacrifice. Try out beautiful pictures of ram sita images and wall paper and make your life a blessed one

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