Narasimha god images

Time to time when Bhoomi suffers due to the bad effects of Asuras , gods have to take several incarnations to protect mother earth and her children. Lord Vishnu takes the Avatar of Varaha to kill the demong king Hiranyaksha. His brother Hiranyakashipu wants to take revenge for the death of his brother . He does a tapas and pleases lord Brahma and tricks to give him a rare boon. Neither the asura should be kiiled on earth or space, nor he should be killed in the day or night. A human or an animal should not be able to killhim. Lord Brahma grants him the boon. After getting the boon the Asura starts unlaeshing his terror on worldly beings. When he started harassing his own son Prahlad, Lord Vishnu has to take the incarnation of Narasimha(half lion and man) to kill him. Add Powerful Narasimha images and wallpaper for protection from evil forces.

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raksha bandhan

Raksha bandhan

Raksha bandan is a unique festival celebrated in India which signifies the love of a brother and sister. During raksha bandan, the sister ties a rakhi or raksha bandan on her brothers hands and the brother inturn promises to protect his sister from all evils. Celebrate the joy of loving with unique raksha bandan photos and images

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