Mahavir swami images and wallpaper

Jainism has several Tirthankaras in their religion. Lord Mahavira, popularly known as Vardhamana. He is the 24 th and last Tirthanakara of Jainism. He was born to a royal family in Bihar.At the age of 30, he left his home for Dhiksha. He travelled across india and gained knowledge. After that he spent next 30 years teaching Jain Philosophy. At the age of 72 , he attained moksha or nirvana. He is popular all over the world for his teachings. If you are a lover of peace and non violence, download mahavir swami images and wallpaper for a superb experience.

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natraj images

Natraj images

God Shiva exists in several forms . He is the destroyer of all evils, he is also the master of yogas . There is another magnificent form of Lord Shiva which is known as Nataraj. He loves dancing and his famous dance form is thanadava. Download enchanting Nataraj images and wall paper for conquering all evils in your life.

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