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Janmashtami images and wallpaper

Janmashtami is celebrated across India as the birthday of lord Krishna..He took the incarnation of Krishna in order to save mankind from the evils of Asuras and to kill demon king kamsa. Celebrate the birth of Krishna with Janmashtami images and wall paper. Whenever human beings suffer from evils of demons and other bad people, gods incarnate in different forms . Krishna is one such form of Lord Vishnu. Demon King Kamsa who is the maternal uncle of Krishna has been terrorizing the world with his atrocities. Krishna’s parents also suffered at his hands. Lord Krishna killed Kamsa and gave freedom to all who suffered due to Kamsa. So Krishna is known to be the slayer of evils. let us celebrate the joy of his birth with Janmashtami images and wall paper.

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maa kali

Maa kali

The word Kali itself comes from Kala which means Black. Goddess Kali is a form of Shakti and is lord of death. Goddess kali also referred as Maha Kaali is the fiercest of all goddesses. It is believed when Goddess Durga was fighting demons, that time Maa Parvati took the Form of Maa kali to kill a demon named Rakhtbeej who could born from his own drop of blood.

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