Jain god images and wallpaper

Jainism believes in a different kind of religion. According to them God is not a specific deity, but exists in all beings including Devas.Tirthankaras are worshipped by jains. These Tirthankaras are the ones who have attained Kevalajnaans( knowledge) and are known as Arihants. Get jain god images and wall paper for attaining kevla jnana and peace. Lord mahavira is one of the main and the last tirthankaras of the religion Jainism. Another god who is worshipped by jains is Bahubali. Jains believe that god is present in all living beings. Those who guide the people towards enlightment is the God or tirthankaras. The jains believe that they should not even waste a morsel of food. Download jain god images and wall paper for peace and harmony.

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Lakshmi Ganesh

Lakshmi Ganesh

Goddess laxmi is a symbol of wealth and good fortune while God ganesha is the epitome of improvement and talent .Get a combination of Laxmi ganesh images and wall paperfor invoking wealth and talent.

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Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati

Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati

It is a normal ritual among hindus who keep pictures of gods and goddess in the poojaroom. Now wall papers are available in several sizes and in resolutions .here is a combination of Laxmi ganesh saraswati images and wall paper just for you. They depict wealth, intelligence and good luck in life.

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maa ganga

Maa ganga

In India, River ganga is treated as a goddess or Mother. People address her as Maa Ganga, the spiritual river. She has been running through our motherland cleansing our sins. Download beautiful maa ganga images and wall paper for a serene experience.

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