God lakshmi images and wallpaper

Goddess lakshmi is the daughter of Saint Bhrigu and when Sage Durvasa cursed all the gods, she went into exile in the ocean. After that when the ocean of milk was churned to get Amrit which would save all Devas from the curse and provide immortality to them, many treasures surfaced from the ocean .goddess Lakshmi was one among them and she married Lord Vishnu to help him maintain the Universe swealth. Beautiful pictures and wall papers of maa Lakshmi is available in different backgrounds. Maa standing on her favorite lotus providing wealth to all,The devi along with her consort Lord Vishnu are some of them. Download God lakshmi images and wallpaper for invoking her and attracting wealth and prosperity to your homes.

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god shankar

God shankar

Shankar is the other name of the omnipotent lord Shiva. He is the destroyer in the three main gods in Hinduism. He has a fierce side as well as a calm side. Bring calmness in your life by downloading cool god Shankar images and wall paper .

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god sivan

God sivan

Lord Shiva is one of the main deities in the trimoorthis of Hinduism. He is also known as the Red God in South India. He is considered as the transformer or destroyer of all Evils. For those who follow the Auspicious God, here are cool God Sivan images and wall paper for downloading.

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