God jagannath images and wallpaper

God jagannath statue of Puri is quite different from other Vishnu forms worshipped in different parts of India. He is worshipped on a jeweled platform along with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. The statue is wooden and has large round eyes and wooden stumps as hands. During the rathyatra festival held annually every year, the lord Jagannath carries out his journey through the City of Puri along with his sister and brother which is watched by millions of people from all over the world. Lord Jagannath is the god who always hears the prayers of his devotees. So get spiritual by downloading God jaganaath images and wall paper and make your life a peaceful one.

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god maa kali

God maa kali

Maa kali is another form of Durga . She is also the form of Goddess parvati. Maa kali is worshipped all over India in different forms. Download God maa kaali images and wall paper for worshipping the goddess.

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god rama

God rama

Lord Rama is the epitome of truth and goodness. He is the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu and he incarnated on earth to slay demon Ravaan and protect the earth from his sufferings. Download god Rama images and wall paper for worshipping Lord rama and attain happiness.

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