God durga images and wallpaper

Durga is the name of Shakthi which embodies strength. A form of Devi Parvathi, durga Devi is the essence of all forms of creation, preservation. Parvathi incarnated herself as Maa durga to kill the buffalo demon Mahisasura when the powers of other gods could not slay him.She used all the powers given by other gods and her own power to end Mahishasura in a terrible fight. She is shown to be holding several weapons and mounting the tiger.When devas worshipped her to help them out from cruel Asuras Shumbh and Nishumb, she killed the demons and brought peace to all devas. Wall papers and images of Maa Durga is available at your service for download. Choose the best one and worship Devi Durga for conquering the evils. Get beautiful god Durga images and wall paper for peace and strength.

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god hanuman

God hanuman

Lord Hanuman is a hindu God devotee of Lord Rama. He is called as Maruti, Pawan Putra, Anjaneya, BajrangBali, Hanuman and Mahaveer. He is a God of Strength and fearlessness as he brought the whole Cliff in search of Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman when he got hurted by an arrow. He is always seen with Lord Ram kneeling and is said to be a part of Ram Darbar including Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Lakshman and Lord Hanuman. When he was a child, he got a curse from a sage for foregetting all his powers because he was trying to eat the Sun thinking of it as a Mango. God Pawan got angry and took the air back from the earth leaving it difficult for the living beings to breathe. A bunch of Gods came and blessed Hanuman with their powers making him invincible.

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god lakshmi

God lakshmi

When it comes to prosperity, automatically the name of Goddess Lakshmi springs up. She is the divine mother, the consort of Lord Vishnu. She takes various incarnations along with her husband in his lives. She is the goddess of wealth, happiness and prosperity. Download beautiful images of attractive god lakshmi images and wall paper for attracting wealth to your homes.

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