God buddha images and wallpaper

One of the famous paintings of lord Buddha is showing him sit under a Bodhi tree attaining Gyana ( wisdom).He is seen as the teacher of all gods. Born in the kingdom of Lumbini in Nepal, he was raised in Kapilvasthu and he attained enlightenment in Saranath. While Maya Devi( mother of Lord Buddha) conceived him , she saw a peculiar dream which showed a white elephant with six tusks coming on her right side. Later when he was born, famous sages predicted that he would either become a great king or a great teacher. He married his cousin yasodhara and had a son named Rahula. He left his palace at the age of 29 and travelled around several states and countries until he attained enlightenment at the age of 35. Download god Buddha images and wall paper for peace and serenity.

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