God brahma images and wallpaper

Lord Brahma otherwise known as Prajapathi is the creator of all worldly beings and he is the creator of all Vedas. He is shown to be born out of the navel of Lord Vishnu sitting on a lotus. He is accompanied by his wife Goddess Saraswati. He is shown with four hands each holding book, lotus flower, rosary and kamandalu depicting the purposes of life. If you are looking for authentic pictures of lord Brahma , you can get it here. Images include golden pictures of Lord Brhama, the god along with other moorthis Shiva and Vishnu, images of Lord Brahma with verses praising him. Download god brahma images and wall paper for worshipping the creator . Elegant god brahma images and wall paper for download at prices that you can afford.

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god ganesha

God ganesha

God Ganesha is the slayer of all obstacles. He travels across the homes of his devotees on his little mascot the mooshika. Make your homes an obstacle free home by downloading cool God Ganesh images and wall paper.

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