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The name kaliyuga vardhan is suitable for Lord balaji who sits on the throne of holy shrine in tirupathi. The temple lies on Sevenhills and the Lord is supposed to provide wealth to all his devotees. There are several legends associated with Lord Balaji. One is that Lord Vishnu pressed the foot of sage brigu who came to him offering him the fruits of yagya. When the Lord did not notice him, the sage stamped him on his chest out of his anger. Lord instead of getting angry with him , apologized to him. But Lakshmi Devi , Vishnu’s wife got angry with this incident and she left to Kolhapur and started meditating. The Lord came to the hills searching for his wife. Worship the lord of wealth by downloading God balaji images and wallpaper.

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god buddha

God buddha

Today when the world is reeling under intolerance and violence, the teachings of Lord Buddha can make the world a better place to live on. Download famous god Buddha images and wall paper to practice tolerance and calmness.

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