God ayyappa images and wallpaper

Lord ayyapa is known to be kaliyuga vardhan and he resides in the Sabarimala hills in Kerala. He was born as the son of hari and haran( Vishnu as Mohini and Shivan) . since they could not take the child to heaven, they left him in the jungle. When the king of Panthala came for hunting, he sees the baby and takes him to the palace and rears him as his own child since he is childless. Later a son is born to him and the queen who becomes insecure due to Ayyappas presence sents him to jungle to get the milk of tiger. The Lord returns with the milk, but refuses to stay back in the palace. He tells the king to come and visit him at Sabarimala every year. Attractive god Ayyappa images and wall paper are available for download.

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god buddha part 1

God buddha part 1

For those devotees who follow peace and Ahimsa, lord Buddha is the epitome of all these good qualities. The life of Lord Buddha is full of sacrifice and hardwork. The happenings of his life are available in the form of paintings. Download the beautiful pieces of art in the form of god Buddha life painting images part1

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god durga

God durga

Maa Durga is the epitome of strength and the destroyer of all evils. It is said that by worshipping her , you can win over your enemies who are trying to hurt you. Get God durga images and wall paper for success in your life.

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