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He remembered his powers when he once met Lord Rama in his childhooddays who blessed him that Lord Hanuman will be a part of his journey to Kill Demon Ravana. Lord Hanuman is known as God Anjaneya because his mother name was Anjani and hence is also referred as Anjani Putra Hanuman. It is believed that he was born by blessing of Lord Pawan and was very naughty. Once a RishiMuni gave him a curse that he will forget all his powers so that his mischievious behaviour must be stopped and God Pawan became angry who inturn stooped the air of the Earth which resulted in death of all living beings on Earth. Every God requested him to release oxygen again and inturn every God gifted a power to Lord Hanuman and gave him a blessing that he will remember all his power when he will meet Lord Ram. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Anjaneya is worshipped for his strength, agility, devotion and dedication to Lord Rama. He is called by many names including Maruti,Pawan Putra, Anjaneya, Bajrangbali and Mahaveer. He is a God of Strength and fearlessness as he brought the whole Cliff in search of Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman brother of Lord Rama. He is always seen with Lord Ram kneeling and is said to be a part of Ram Darbar including Lord Ram, his wife Sita, Brother Lakshman and Lord Hanuman.

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God balaji

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