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Swami Venkateshwara has a religious story behind the temple of Tirupati. As this is a place where Lord Balaji married Padmavathy. Lord Balaji is a form of Lord vishnu. One day Goddess Lakshmi left Lord Vishnu in anger and came down and stayed on the banks of Godavari. Missing his beloved, Lord Vishnu went in search of her and came to earth. Ultimately he came to the Seshadri hills where he stopped to rest in an anthill. Upset by the separation between the two, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva decided to intervene. Taking the guise of a cow and a calf they went to live at the place of a Chola king where the cowherd took him to the same hills for grazing and he would empty the whole milk in the anthill. Depressed by the cow's behaviour, the cowherd hit the anthill by an axe damaging Lord Vishnu's head. In search of herbs for the wound, Lord Vishnu came to Shrine of Sri Varahaswamy the third incarnation of Vishnu as a boar where he was asked for the rent and he replied that he is poor right now and couldnot afford the rent. But he promised him that he will be tell his devotees to worship Lord Varahswamy before him. In the nearb Kingdom King Akasha Rajan found a baby girl sleeping on golden lotus and named her Padmavathy as he was childless for years. She was given a boon to marry Lord Vishnu. One day, Lord Vishnu renamed as Shrinivasan by his foster mother Vakuladevi saw Padmavathy and immediately fell in love with her. Then he asked his foster mother to ask the king for her daughter's marraige with him and Padmavathy also told her parents about Srinivasan that she couldnot control her feelings for him. The king agreed to the marraige and Lord Vishnu took a load from Lord Kuber and married Padmavathy on the 10th day of Vaikasi. Goddess Lakshmi understanding Lord Vishnu's commitments chose to live in his heart forever till eternity.

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bhagwan vishnu

Bhagwan vishnu

Vishnu is the only Bhagavan declared in the Bhagavata Purana. Many people call Lord Vishnu as the one and only Supreme Power. Shri Narayan Kavach is a very popular mantra of Lord Vishnu. Bhagwan Vishnu is described as a God with dark skin and four hands relaxing his feet at Lotus.

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